The Proton Blockchain

Proton Blockchain is improving and streamlining the verification and speed at which payments are processed
either between banks or merchants.
Blockside has joined the PROTON blockchain infrastructure and work to be a leading block producer candidate

About us

Our mission is uphold the Proton Blockchain to bring a positive impact on society with a secure and fast blockchain.
We are focusing on providing the best server hardware and infrastructure design that contribute the growing of the Proton Blockchain.

Services we offer

Our work is based on performing fast blockchain nodes that contribute to develop many different blockchains based on EOSIO open source software, like Proton Blockchain.
We are proud to contribute to the EOSIO ecosystem with our PROTON BLOCKCHAIN support. If you appreciate our efforts and our commitment you can vote for blocksideita
For more information, please visit Proton Blockchain Website

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We care about your interests in what Proton Blockcahin can offer.
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