Get your balance from the blockchain

In this tutorial, we will use cleos to get the liquid balance of an account on the PROTON blockchain.
If you want to learn more about programming you can get more information and documentation on PROTON or even into developers section at EOSIO - Blockchain software architecture .

### So, let's start! ###

You need to choose a node on the Proton blockchain to ask your query.
To do that, select one of the Api Endpoints on Proton Mainnet here:
Now you can verify your account on Proton MainNet:
(replace API_SERVER_HERE whit the URL taken from the previous list and the YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE with your account)
cleos -u API_SERVER_HERE get currency balance eosio.token YOUR_ACCOUNT_HERE XPR

OUTPUT (example):
100.0000 XPR

You can have a confirm of the balance visiting Proton Block Explorer.

To know which is the value of XPR (the cryptocurrency used on Proton Blockchain), see this documentation.

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Last updated 17 January 2022